Snap on Jewellery Gallery

Bouquet/posy or vase enhancer with Floral Bling  – $10AUD

Bouquet/posy or vase enhancer with original acrylic pour snap button – $15AUD

Owl Bookmark with rhinestones and original snap – $20AUD

Ring Silver Colour Adjustable/Stretch – $18AUD

Rhinestone stretch or adjustable bracelet – $25AUD

Earrings Pierced Hook Style – $25AUD

Black cord bracelet – $15AUD

Silver coloured mesh bracelet with original snap- $35AUD

5 button snap bracelet adjustable with original snaps – $69AUD

Silver Colour adjustable cuff style bracelet – $30AUD

Silver coloured sea themed cuff bracelet – $45AUD

Black leather like multi strand bracelet- $20AUD

Turquoise bead stretch bracelet with 3 original snaps – $40AUD

Metallic bead stretch bracelet – $20AUD

Pearl coloured stretch bracelet with rhinestones – $15AUD

Solid silver coloured bangle with an original snap – $22AUD

Black rhinestone bracelet with original snap – $25AUD

Simple pendant with original snap – $33AUD

Love You to the Moon and Back Pendant – $40AUD

Rose Gold Colour Sun Pendant – $40AUD

Heart Pendant – $45AUD

Angel Wings Silver Coloured Pendant (large) – $40AUD

Diffuser Pendant Star Pattern with original snap – $45AUD

Angel Wing Silver Coloured Quality Pendant- $50AUD

Dragonfly Pendant – $45AUD

Peacock Pendant with Rhinestones – $40AUD

Rhinestone adjustable bracelet – $15AUD

Pendant with sparkling black cord and magnetic clasp – $35AUD

Pendant with blue sparkling cord and magnetic clasp – $35AUD

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