Original and Unique Acrylic Pour Snap Button Jewellery

I recently launched my new line of unique and original Acrylic Pour snap button jewellery at the Hobart Rotary Art Show at the Wrest Point Casino in early August 2019. The items were well received, sold well, and attracted lots of favourable comment.

The snap button or “chunk” is made from the overflow from a “dirty cup flip pour” of different colour acrylic paints that have been mixed with various mediums and additives such as silicone oil (which creates bubble shapes or “cells”). I have researched and experimented widely with different recipes and processes to ensure that I get the brightest, strongest and most flexible skin and final product. I therefore tend to use top of the range items like Liquitex Pouring Medium. I also use special artist quality paints, including metallic and iridescents, to get great depth and lustre or luminescence.

There is also a staged process involved which requires some patience to ensure that the acrylic skin is properly created, cleaned and cured.

I have also experimented with using the acrylic canvas itself to make the snap buttons. This enables the capture of more “cells” and movement.

I have given gifts to friends including the actual acrylic pour canvas or artwork and the matching jewellery. They have been particularly well received. Let me know if you are interested in one of these “sets”.

Whilst I personally make the acrylic artwork for the button, I have undertaken extensive research and source my base jewellery and items from overseas. Unfortunately, base snap button jewellery is not yet available in sterling silver or actual gold. A great deal of the current items are in stainless steel or an alloy base. When the terms like “silver” or “rose gold” are used, the reference is to the colour.

I am ready to market and sell for Xmas, in a number of different venues, including several days at the Hobart Artists’ Market (HAM), near Macquarie Point and the cruise ship terminal, which services the cruise ship industry and is open to the public. I will be at the HAM on 10 December 2019.

A full range of my jewellery is also on display and available to purchase from The Strickland Gallery in the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart. There is also a full range at Iconic Tasmania in Richmond. I hope to have other stockists soon.

There is also a small selection of pendants available from the Duchess Café in Sandy Bay.

The cost of each original and unique snap button is $A9. I  also have a range of quirky and interesting non-original glass snap buttons that may appeal to you. They include inspirational statements, exotic birds, dogs, peacocks and peacock feathers, penguins, baby animals and sports themes such as “Tennis Diva” (one of my favourites).

I also have a new range of diffuser snap buttons which will snap into any 18/20 mm snap jewellery or accessory. As with the very popular diffuser pendants, they will also come with spare diffuser pads so that you can change your essential oil or perfume. The diffuser pendants and snap buttons are a great Xmas idea!

Please note that I may not be able to provide the exact button pictured in the base button jewellery on the website. I will try and send a similar style/colour as in the picture unless you email me and indicate another colour or style preference. There is an opportunity to call me or email me during the checkout process. Please take this opportunity to give me any specific instructions.

I do make multiple buttons from the one pour so it is possible to get matching colours/styles for multi-button base jewellery and coordinated sets. Or you can be bold and chose random and different buttons for your bracelet or necklace.

Nearly all of the snaps featured currently on the website fit the standard 16/18 mm or 18/20 mm snap base.

However, I am now offering a supply of 12 mm or “Mini” snaps and there is some very exciting jewellery that combines 12mm and the traditional snap. The smaller 12 mm or Mini snaps may be more suitable for children’s jewellery and accessories, particularly earrings and hair clips etc. or those that like a more delicate or finer look.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Snaps are completely interchangeable in seconds and make great wearable Art. You can quickly and easily change your jewellery accessories to match your mood or outfit. I also have a few 16 mm snaps which fit into the same base jewellery/items as the 18mm/20 mm snaps and the Mini or 12 mm snaps.

I currently have a range including:

  • Pendants and Necklaces (including diffuser pendants so you can wear your favourite essential oil);
  • Earrings (both pierced and clip on);
  • Bangles and bracelets – classic and funky!;
  • Wristbands;
  • Adjustable rings;
  • Brooches and lapel pins;
  • Bookmarks;
  • Key rings;
  • Coin purses;
  • Sliders (for hair ribbons or bands or gift ribbons);
  • Bouquet/posy enhancers (31cm sticks with a petal like top to showcase a snap button);
  • Snap on charms;
  • Scarf rings; and
  • Miscellaneous items such as snap buttons for adhering to other items such as cuff links, sports caps and mittens.

I also have available large gift boxed sets (black velvet) of snap button jewellery containing pendants/necklace, earrings, ring and bracelets in mixed colours or particular colour themes. Prices range from $170 and above plus postage (if outside of Australia). (There is free normal postage on purchases over $100 within Australia).

Most items come beautifully presented in either quality boxes, organza bags or dark blue velvet drawstring bags.

The idea is to buy one item and several different snap buttons so you can interchange at your convenience to get a totally different look. It’s not just the unique and original nature of the jewellery, it is its versatility as well. You can become a colourful and stylish fashion chameleon at an affordable price. I have a special offer that if you buy an additional four snap buttons to mix and match I will provide a bonus original snap button free of charge. So you get 5 buttons for $36 or just over $7 each.

Please note that each snap button is unique. The one featured in the photo on the website may have been sold. I will attempt to provide as close a match as possible or provide you with a specific colour, if requested.

If you are struggling to think of a gift for the person who has everything, original snap button jewellery and accessories are a great idea. Each piece is individually handmade, long lasting and unique.

You might also consider commissioning a “pour” (or preparation of the acrylic skin to be used in the buttons) in your favourite colours for a set of snap buttons as special gifts or for special occasions such as weddings.

I am always on the lookout for new snap button innovations so please check my range on a regular basis. Also, if you have any special requests for particular items, please let me know and I will try and locate the base jewellery/items.

All prices quoted are in Australian dollars.

I believe in exceptional customer service so you have any issues at all I will undertake all reasonable steps to ensure your satisfaction with my product. I value return customers!

Sizing for bracelets:

I have tried to indicate whether bracelets are adjustable or non-adjustable. I have also provided information about approximate circumference of the bracelet to assist when shopping for youngsters and those with fuller wrists! As a rough guide, Junior (3-5 years old) requires 14 cm, Junior (5-7 years old) requires 15 cm, an older child requires 16.5 to 18 cm, a teen needs around 18 to 19 cm and an average adult requires around 19 cm plus. You also don’t want your bracelet to sit too tightly so please keep this in mind. If you are in any doubt about size, it is best to go for an adjustable option.

Please note that many of the chains for pendants and necklaces are also adjustable in size. The standard chain is around 46 cm so let me know by email if you require a longer chain (eg. 60 cm).

I am also currently trying to source some shorter stainless steel chains and cords for children (i.e. 35.5 cm and 41 cm or 14 and 16 inches).

Cautionary notes:

Please note that care should be taken in the handling and wearing of your jewellery. They should be cleaned only with a dry cloth. Also, it is not recommended that you wear swimming or in the shower. Also be cautious when hand washing. Whilst the materials used are as hypoallergenic as possible, there is obviously no guarantees provided in this regard.

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