Art for Sale

wombat on timber painting

“Classic” Wombat – acrylic on timber – 20 x 25 cm  (no need for frame) For sale on Bluethumb online gallery

Colourful rooster

“Fowl Play!” – acrylic on canvas –  30cm x 25 cm. For sale on Bluethumb online gallery. SOLD!! to a wonderful QC in Melbourne. Thanks Felicity.

Bucket Dog

Puppy in a bucket – acrylic on canvas – 15 x 15 cm $A55

Frog in a Lily Pond- Pastel on acrylic underpainting – A3 – 29.7 cm x 42 cm Currrently on display at the Duchess Cafe in Sandy Bay

Golden Lab-  Pastel on velour – A3 – $A80 (unframed) $120 (framed)

Nosy Boy! (German Shepherd) – Acrylic on scrapbooking paper – $A70 (framed) $50 (unframed)

St Bernard in acrylic

Saint Bernard – Acrylic on scrapbooking paper – $A70 (framed) $50 (unframed)

Rottweiler pup drawing

Rottweiler Pup – Acrylic on scrapbooking paper – $A65 (framed) $50 (unframed)

Lion in pastel on velour

“King of the Jungle” Pastel on Velour – $A550 (professionally framed) A3 plus mat plus frame.

pussy princess acrylic

“Pussy Princess”  Acrylic on scrapbooking paper – $A65 (framed).  Currently on display & unavailable

“Relaxing Bulldog”  Acrylic on scrapbooking paper – $A85 (framed).  $55 unframed.

“Tiger”  Scratchboard on Ampersand – 20 x 25 cm (unframed) Currently on exhibition

“Polar Bear Love” Pastel on Paper –  A4 in A3 frame (white mat and frame) 30 x 42 cm  Available from Bluethumb

“Not a Care in the World” Pastel on Paper –  A4 in A3 frame (white mat and frame) 30 x 42 cm  $110 unframed and $160 framed – SOLD!

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