Delighted to be conducting a workshop at the Colour Circle here in Hobart on Saturday 11 May on Pet Portraits in Pastel. I have been doing pet portraits for over ten years now, initially for family and friends as gifts.

This course/workshop will cover the basics of a pet portrait (primarily cats and dogs) particularly bringing an image or drawing to life with colour, detail and dimension:

  • Choosing your picture and composition;
  • Choosing your pastels (special animal sets and  pencils v sticks) and paper type (velour, pastelmat, pastelboard, Colourfix and other papers – or making your own!) and colour;
  • Importance of close observation;
  • How to progress your portrait – colours, dark to light, when to do the background;
  • Backgrounds – including using Pan Pastels – avoiding the “cut out” look;
  • Light and light/shade pattern: light side, shadow side, cast shadow and reflected light;
  • Capturing expression and mood!;
  • Getting the important details right: ears, nose, mouth and eyes – paws, whiskers and tails!!;
  • Getting fur or feathers right! – nap of fur, directional movement and texture etc.;
  • Fixing any mistakes – Colourfix pastels in background colours;
  • Setting aside and the final touches – highlights in the eyes, shadows, to fix or not to fix?;
  • Protecting your portrait;
  • Ongoing learning and useful pet portrait/animal artists to follow.

Details of the workshop are soon to be circulated to Colour Circle members. The workshops are also open to non-members. Capacity is limited so if you are interested, please book soon! Contact me on 0477298661 if you would like to attend. The cost of such workshops is usually around $30 to $40.

Dog in Sunglasses Drawing
pussy princess acrylic
Staff Portrait
Kelpie Drawing
Dog Portrait
German Shepherd In Pastel
Dog and tiara pastel
Pet Portraits
spaniel portrait