Attended a 3 hour workshop today at the Lady Franklin Gallery organised by the Art Society of Tasmania. The instructors were Jenny Miller and Carol Sheppard. The group of 15 students was split into two and we spent 1.5 hours with each instructor on line drawing and pattern drawing.  I learnt quite a lot including new drawing techniques such as moulding and the tactful use of water colour to give depth and dimension. Am hoping to try out some of my new techniques on Scratchboard very soon with a view to contributing to the upcoming “Patternation” exhibition. Thank you Jenny and Carol for so capably sharing your wonderful skills in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable way. The “Have-A-Go” workshops are such a wonderful resource.

Some of the pattern tiles produced by the students are displayed here. I contributed the two in the bottom Left Hand corner – the one with the red frame and the one with the dark, distinct centre to the left, above it. Some of the key rules are to never use a ruler and there are no mistakes – wayward lines are instead opportunities!  There is plenty of scope for imagination. As Carol pointed out, this type of drawing process is relaxing and quite meditative.

I also purchased a lovely Zentangle like kit from Carol to put to future use.