I recently launched my new line of unique and original Acrylic Pour snap button jewellery at the Hobart Rotary Art Show at the Wrest Point Casino in early August 2019. The items were very well received and I had lots of favourable comment.

The jewellery is made from the overflow from a dirty cup flip pour of acrylic paints that have been mixed with various mediums. I have researched and experimented widely with different recipes to ensure that I get the brightest, strongest and most flexible skin. I therefore tend to use Rolls Royce products like Liquetex Pouring Medium. I also use special artist quality paints to get great depth and lustre or luminescence.

I have also given gifts to friends including the actual acrylic pour canvas and matching jewellery!

I have now researched the preparation and presentation of my exciting new product and am ready to market and sell for Xmas, in a number of different venues, including the Hobart Artists’ Market, which services the cruise ship industry here in Hobart.

The snaps are completely interchangeable in seconds and make great wearable Art! You can quickly change your jewellery accessories to match your mood or outfit.

I currently have a range including: pendants, earrings, bangles, bracelets, brooches and lapel pins, necklaces, bookmarks, bouquet enhancers, buttons, scarf rings, cuff links, sports caps and mittens. Such items come beautifully presented in either quality boxes or velvet bags.

I also have snaps that can be specially adhered to custom items.